Mattis Blasts Congress [Video]

Mattis is a man who knows how to use his words, and when he does… you better listen! His experience both on the battlefield and on the hill gives him a unique perspective on many situations often highlighting facts and details overlooked by both sides of the isle.

Here he highlights the amount of harm that comes from slashing the Department of Defenses’ budget, furthering stating how it, as an enemy, has done a lot of harm to our forces… perhaps even more so than any enemy we face.

“In the past, by failing to pass a budget on time or to eliminate the threat of sequestration, Congress sidelined itself from its active constitutional oversight role,” Mattis said.

Let me make this perfectly clear, this is one department (in my opinion) where we need to limit cutting or just not do any cuts. The last few months have made it clear we have enemy’s abroad and I got a feeling we’re going to need to kick our armed forces into overdrive soon enough.

As Written by Jack Heritik for the Free Beacon:

Secretary of Defense James Mattis blasted Congress this week for sequestration’s devastating effect on America’s military readiness.

Mattis testified before the House Armed Services Committee on Monday and testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. In both instances, Mattis spoke of the calamitous effects that congressional-imposed sequestration has had on the military.

“Despite the tremendous efforts of this committee, Congress as a whole has met the present challenge with lassitude, not leadership,” Mattis told both committees.

The retired Marine Corps general said the slashes to the Department of Defense’s budget have done more harm than enemy forces.

“No enemy in the field has done more to harm the combat readiness of our military than sequestration,” Mattis said on Monday and Tuesday……


Mattis Blasts Congress for Sequestration’s Effect on Military Readiness

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