McCabe’s GoFundMe Was Set Up By Who?

Poor Andrew McCabe has been so abused by the Trump administration that a GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for his defense. When you look at McCabe’s assets, he is not poor by ordinary standards. Then he gets all this free advice and counseling on how to set up such a fund. There are some that think this is just a scam to take advantage of the Trump haters out there. Fundraising has never been easier. Oh. There may be a conflict of interest as well.

As Written and Reported by Colin Kalmbacher for Law and Crime:

Andrew McCabe recently raised over half a million dollars from small donors by way of crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. McCabe’s cash-collecting prowess was buoyed by several #Resistance-linkedpersonalities and MSNBC’s own Rachel Maddowwho suggested McCabe should run for office because he’s so good at raising money.

Was this apparent “grassroots effort” actually a PR campaign put together by high-priced, well-connected, and experienced PR professionals in order to take advantage of the #Resistance’s seething anger at the Trump administration? A Monday report in Slate suggested as much. Law&Crime can now confirm that some of those allegations are true, while some of them appear to oversell the issues at hand.

At or around 2 p.m. on March 29, “Friends of Andrew McCabe” launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for the “Andrew McCabe Legal Defense Fund.” The unidentified author(s) of the GoFundMe described the reason for their fundraising effort as follows:

Unfortunately, the need for a legal defense fund is a growing reality.  Media reports indicate that at a minimum, there are a number of congressional inquiries that he will be required to respond to, as well as the broader Office of the Inspector


Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe Was The Work Of PR Firm | Law & Crime


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