Media Blame Game Hits Unlikely Group For Govt Shutdown

As the tempo built toward the government shutdown, we all knew that the next event would be the blame game. The Democrats would say that the Republicans were responsible. The Republicans, in kind, would blame the Democrats. The media would blame whoever they normally do, depending on their political drift. What no one saw coming was this head fake in the game of who is really at fault. The alt-left media minions never ever take a swipe at the Democrats. So what happened here?

As Written and Reported By Chris White for the Daily Caller:

Many of the country’s top media outfits blamed the Democratic Party for allowing the government to shutdown instead of bridging a budget impasse with Republicans in the Senate.

“U.S. Shutdown Starts as Senate Democrats Block GOP Funding Plan” a Bloomberg headline blared early Saturday morning, referring to the Senate’s inability to agree on a variety of budgetary issues. The New York Times and AP chimed in with similar headlines.

Republican and Democratic leaders have not stopped talking through their differences. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, for instance, said late Friday night that the conflict has a “really good chance” of being resolved before the weekend concludes.

Both parties took substantial risks during the negotiations. Republicans refused to bend to the Democrat’s demands to negotiate, while the minority party largely unified to use the shutdown deadline to exact protections from the GOP for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants.

Media outlets, meanwhile, painted the issue in harsh tones for the Democrats — one NYT headline declared: “Senate Democrat Block Bill to Keep Government Open Past Midnight, Shutdown Looms,” while the AP simply noted that, “Senate Democrats derail bill to avert….


Media Ding Dems For Govt Shutdown | The Daily Caller

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