Media Buries Facts on NSA Leaker

It’s sickening how bias the liberal media outlets can be, especially these days. They bury any story that might make Trump or Republicans look good and in some cases they won’t even hide it. Here, we’re seeing a huge bias with the Reality Winner NSA leak story. That’s not a T.V. show, you guys… that’s her name. I bet her parents are super-crunchy, right? LOL

They’re entirely ignoring her radical left-wing beliefs. And it’s an attempt at making her seem sympathetic. As if she did it to “help the United States” when, in fact, she did it in an attempt to screw the United States, cause we all know Liberals don’t care for their own country or countrymen.

She even goes into rants on Twitter about the POTUS. I get that everyone will lean one way or the other but when you’re as bias as she has publicly been… maybe you’re in the wrong line of work. Unless your goal was to “infiltrate”.

And it’s been said that what she discovered may, in fact, help President Donald Trump in the long run. It proves that the NSA KNEW Russia was messing with the election and sat on it.

As Written By Will Ricciardella for the Daily Caller:

The establishment media’s reporting on NSA leaker Reality Winner has been skewed at best, and egregiously biased at worst.

NBC, CBS and ABC’s newscasts largely ignored the myriad tweets from Winner — highlighting her radical left-wing beliefs — with the intention of making her seem apolitical, bolstering the validity of the Trump-Russian meddling narrative.

Winner, a 25-year-old intelligence contractor working at the National Security Agency, allegedly leaked top secret documents to The Intercept. Just over an hour after it was published, Winner was arrested and charged with violating the Espionage Act.

When news broke, so did the evidence of her resentment for President Donald Trump surfacing in past social media posts, with her going so far as to say that “being white is terrorism.” If you thought it stopped there, hold on to your hats.

Winner was more than explicit about her distaste for President Donald Trump in recent tweets, referring to him as an “orange fascist” and a “cunt.” She also tweeted that Trump’s appointment of “Confederate General” Jeff Sessions to the…….


Network Bias Hides Facts About NSA Leaker | The Daily Caller

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