Media Focused on Trumps Tweets Instead of Terror Attack

In the aftermath of the latest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom, the mainstream media spent more tine analyzing President Donald Trumps Twitter tweets than looking at the real causes of the attacks. It is a free pass for the free press to avoid confronting the real issues of security facing the world from Islamic extremism. 

As Written By Ben Shapiro:

In the immediate aftermath of the London terror attacks, President Trump ran to Twitter to share his thoughts with the country. Here they were:


Not everything in this next part we agree with but there are a few valid points that you should hear.

While the travel ban isn’t sufficient to protect Americans — as Andrew McCarthy points out, we’d be far better off strengthening vetting standards than imposing blanket bans from countries where most terrorists have not sprung — it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that we’ll be safer if we’re not importing unvetted Muslim immigrants from terror-rich societies. Trump is absolutely correct about political correctness, of course, which prevents us from having necessary discussions about how to separate Muslims with shariah law aspirations from Muslims who believe in separation of mosque and state. Trump’s slam against Khan may have been uncalled-for — of course Khan called for calm in London — but he’s not technically wrong that it’s hard to tell your citizens to calm down while the entire police force is on the streets. And Trump is correct about the deleterious effects of gun control on self-defense capacity — Londoners were attempting to stop knife-wielding terrorists by hurling beer mugs at them, apparently………


The Left Is More Interested In Fighting Trump Than In Fighting Islamism | Daily Wire

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