Media in Shock – Newt Shoots Ahead of Perry by Michael Krull

It has been a great honor to have a front row seat to presidential history as a part of the Newt 2012 team. I have been blessed to travel this great nation with Speaker Gingrich, and more and more Americans are realizing what I have known all along: Newt Gingrich is the most knowledgeable, capable, and intelligent candidate running for the Republican Presidential nomination. Speaker Gingrich has elevated the entire conversation at every single debate, and last night’s Bloomberg debate was no exception.

This campaign really is based on ideas, and Newt is the only candidate who has steadfastly refused to play the media’s “gotcha” game and attack his fellow candidates, instead focusing his attention on real plans and the failed policies of Barack Obama. Instead of listening to see if any of the other candidates have left an opening to score cheap political points, Speaker Gingrich actually listens to the other candidates to evaluate the best proposals that they put forth. Instead of fearing that someone else may have a better idea, the Speaker is looking for ideas that will make his policies even better! I call that leadership.

Focus groups and polls clearly show that when the American people watch these debates, they see Newt Gingrich as having the best grasp of the complex issues presented. This often comes as a surprise because the media, who fear a Newt presidency, keep forgetting to tell the truth. The American people are starting to see through the media haze, which is why Speaker Gingrich has been steadily climbing in the polls, yesterday surpassing Governor Perry in a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Speaker Gingrich is showing himself to be the most qualified candidate, and he is doing it without attacking his fellow Republicans. He is doing it despite open hostility from the media, and, most importantly, he is doing it because you are standing with him!

This isn’t American Idol. This is the race to be the leader of the free world, and in these incredibly difficult times we cannot afford to settle for anything other than the most experienced and qualified person possible to lead America out of one its most troubling times. Poll after poll shows Speaker Gingrich rising towards the top. Why do you think that is? It all boils down to the fact that the American people believe Speaker Gingrich is the most knowledgeable and experienced candidate for this job and has real solutions to fix America.  by Michael Krull

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