Mexico claims to be shutting down the illegal alien caravan headed to US border

It has been reported that Mexico Claims that they are shutting down the illegal alien caravan that has been proceeding through their country from their southern border. If this is true, then President Trump has received the cooperation of the Mexican government that he was demanding. The President has made some tough remarks about what would happen if Mexico did not take action. Is this just so much lip service by Mexico? Here is what we see right now.

As Written and Reported By Chris Reeves for Townhall:

On Monday night, the Mexican government’s National Institute of Immigration (INM), which regulates Mexico’s internal migration, announced that it plans to disband the Central American illegal alien caravan by Wednesday.

The caravan has been marching through southern Mexico towards the U.S. border since March 25th, but has only made it to a small town in the state of Oaxaca, not that far from its starting point near the Mexico-Guatemala border.

President Trump drew attention to the caravan in a string of tweets on Easter Sunday and Monday, but a federal delegate from INM told BuzzFeed News that the Mexican government was not folding to pressure from the Americans or any other government.

The delegate further clarified that, in fact, Mexico is planning on giving “humanitarian visas” to “vulnerable groups” within the caravan, including “pregnant women, people with disabilities, or people with chronic illnesses like HIV.” Members of the caravan who receive such visas will be able to travel unhindered by Mexico’s police…..


Mexico Claims It Will Disband Illegal Alien Caravan, But May Be Helping Them to the Border Instead – Chris Reeves


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