Mic Drop Tweet From Former Atheist

In what can only be described as a Mic Drop Tweet, former atheist Lee Strobel. This is the tale of just how much faith it takes to be an atheist. His tweet was so to the point that it has resonated with most that read it. It deals with the logic of believing in the accident theory of creation.

This article is a list of the leaps of faith that an atheist has to take in order for his evolutionary theory of the universe to actually work. Creationism, on the other hand, requires only faith in one thing. Let the article explain it all to you.

As Written and Reported By Billy Hallowell for CBN News:

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, you might have missed a pretty incredible tweet from skeptical journalist-turned Christian apologist Lee Strobel — a message that briefly breaks down his take on the improbability of atheism.

Strobel’s simple message truly resonated, too, as it was sent just before Americans planned to celebrate Jesus’ birth, with scores of people responding to his break-down of what non-belief truly entails.

“To continue in atheism, I would need to believe that nothing produces everything, non-life produces life, randomness produces fine-tuning, chaos produces information, unconsciousness produces consciousness, and non-reason produces reason,” he wrote. “I simply didn’t have that much faith.”

While not everyone agreed with Strobel’s assessment, “The Case for Christ” author saw a slew of people who were moved by his framing of faith and….


Former Atheist’s Mic Drop Tweet Explains Why He Could No Longer Reject God’s Existence | CBN News

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