Mike Pompeo pushes back on “hawk” label [Video]

Mike Pompeo, the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is President Trump’s nominee to be the next Secretary of State. Because he appears to be tough on North Korea and Iran, the media is calling him a “hawk” among other things. It is a convenient label that the mainstream media likes to throw around. Mr. Pompeo will be delivering his prepared remarks to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday. He has an entirely different view of his position on world events and will assure the Senate of his worldview.

As Written and Reported By Daniel Chaitin for the Washington Examiner:

Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo will berate the media for labeling him a “hawk” when he delivers prepared remarks during his secretary of state confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday.

“I know firsthand the painful sacrifices of our men and women in uniform,” Pompeo will say, according to advance excerpts provided by the White House.

He will go on to lash out at journalists, including from institutions like the New York Times, who have labeled him a “hawk” favoring a tough-guy world view.

“So when journalists, most of whom have never met me, label me — or any of you — as ‘hawks,’ ‘war hardliners,’ or worse, I shake my head,” Pompeo will say.

“There are few who dread war more than those of us who have served in uniform,” he will say. Pompeo, who served as a U.S. congressman from Kansas before joining the CIA, also served in the Army.

“And there is a great deal of room between a military presence and war,” Pompeo will say. “War is always the last resort. I would prefer achieving the President’s foreign policy goals with….


Mike Pompeo to blast media for labeling him a ‘hawk’


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