Mike Rowe’s Response To One Angry Mother Who’s Son Was Applying for the ‘Rowe’ Scholarship Goes Viral

Mike Rowe has given sound pretty sound advice to the American people over the years. Advice that those on that hard left having trouble accepting.

Work hard, do right, all the things that helped make America great. It’s only natural that some brainwashed yahoo would take issue with such wise words. He’s used his fame and money to create a scholarship to help support America’s youth who wish to work toward a skilled trade, no doubt more valuable than ever in this day and age.

As Written and Reported By Chris Enloe for The Blaze:

Mike Rowe is awarding more than a half million dollars in scholarship money this year to students earning degrees in skilled trades. But there’s just one caveat: lazy, self-entitled students need not apply.

Rowe asks all applicants to sign his “S.W.E.A.T” pledge, which stands for “Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo.”

But one mother whose son was applying for Rowe’s scholarship took issue with the pledge and wrote on the TV hosts’ Facebook page bashing it. Rowe’s response couldn’t have been more perfect.

What did the woman say?

Karyn Segal, whose son aspires to be a welder, told Rowe she was appalled when her son showed her the “sweat pledge” requirement.

“Where did you come up with this nonsense? There are so many things wrong with this document I don’t even know where to begin!! Suffice it to say, we will not be applying!!!” she wrote.

How did Rowe respond?

With eloquence and grace, as he always does.

He began his lengthy response by explaining Segal isn’t the first parent to take issue with the pledge.

“Over the years, it’s been my sad duty to inform lots of angry parents that this particular pile of free money might not be for them, or for their children…….


Woman bashes Mike Rowe’s ‘work ethic scholarship.’ Rowe’s response couldn’t be more perfect. | TheBlaze


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