Military Academy Grads Banned From Going Into Pro Sports

Secretary of Defense James Mattis will no longer allow graduates from military academies to opt out for reserve service to take a Pro Sports contract. There are a lot of good reasons for this. To begin with, it is just good financial to get obligated service for a $400,000 education. Additionally, they are trained for leadership and active service and it is just good management and leadership to bring them all through the system. In the past, other grads waited until their obligation was over before moving to professional sports. This was a program that was started in the Obama administration and was never well received by the military academies. Some Admirals and Generals have opposed this program from the day it began. Do you think this is a better way to run things?

As Written By Jonah Bennett for the Daily Caller:

Military service academy athletes are no longer allowed to head directly into professional sports after graduation.

In a memo carrying the signature of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the Pentagon announced Monday that it’s walking back a policy from 2016 that allowed athletes to skirt the 24-month mandatory active-duty stint. The policy allowed players to serve in reserves instead of completing active-duty service.

“Our military academies exist to develop future officers who enhance the readiness and the lethality of our military services,” Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W. White said in a statement. “Graduates enjoy the extraordinary benefit of a military academy education at taxpayer expense.”

“Therefore, upon graduation, officers will serve as military officers for their minimum commitment of two years.  The department has a long history of officer athletes who served their nation before going to the pros including Roger Staubach, Chad Hennings and David Robinson,” White continued. “The change takes effect with this graduating ……


Mil Academy Graduates Banned From Going Into Pro Sports | The Daily Caller

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