Military Shortchanged Again!

When it comes to military pay raises, the Senate just cannot pull the trigger and do what is right. For the 6th year in a row, military pay will be raised less than 2%.  Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., chairman of the Armed Services’ personnel panel, claims the money saved will instead be used for training and equipment. This means the troops are now financing what the Senate should find in another budget.  He also said he could not find the money elsewhere? Really? Do away with the “entitlements” for illegals and don’t import 100,ooo refugees from the middle east. That should cover it. Shameful. Robbing our troops for political gain as usual.


As Written By Leo Shane III at Military Times:

Senators back smaller military pay raise for 2017, setting up legislative fight

A Senate panel on Tuesday backed a 1.6 percent raise for troops in 2017, setting up a military paycheck fight with House lawmakers who have labeled that increase too small.

The pay raise target was one of few details of the Senate Armed Services Committee’s draft of the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill to be released Tuesday. The full legislation is expected to be unveiled later this week.

But members of the committee’s personnel panel held a public markup of some of the policy bill’s provisions, including the pay raise and broad details of reorganization plans for military health care.

The 1.6 percent pay raise matches the White House’s request for 2017 and translates into $30 to $60 more a month for most enlisted personnel, and $60 to $120 for most officers. It would be the highest wage hike for troops since 2013, but would continue a six-year streak of military pay increases below 2 percent.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., chairman of the Armed Services’ personnel panel, has said in recent weeks that he believes the annual pay increase should be larger, but was not confident he could find the money needed to pay for it.


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