Military Top Brass warns US lawmakers North Korea danger is legitimate: IMMEDIATE THREAT [VIDEO]

The Senate Armed Services Committee received a sobering warning from Commander of U.S. Pacific Command Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr. His warning has to do with how rapidly North Korea is developing their nuclear capability. In a related report there is a request to bolster the missile defense of the Hawaiian Islands. This brings to mind the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor back in December of 1941 that was the final thing that pushed the United States into WWII. I suppose you could consider this a war warning but that may be just a little over the top. Pay close attention to the Pacific.



As Written By Brooke Singman for Fox News:

The senior U.S. Navy officer overseeing military operations in the Pacific region told lawmakers Thursday that the North Korean crisis is the worst he’s seen — testifying that it’s only a matter of time before Kim Jong Un has the capability of launching a nuclear warhead toward the United States.

“The crisis on the Korean peninsula is real—the worst I’ve seen,” said Commander of U.S. Pacific Command Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr. “There is some doubt within the intelligence community whether Kim Jong Un has that capability today or whether he will soon, but I have to assume he has it, the capability is real, and that he’s moving towards it.”

Harris spoke to the Senate Armed Services Committee a day after all 100 U.S. senators were invited to White House grounds for a North Korea briefing.

Harris declined to compare the current situation to that of the Cuban Missile Crisis decades ago, but said he has “no doubt” the country intends to develop nuclear missiles that could be aimed toward South Korea and the U.S……….


North Korean crisis ‘worst I’ve seen,’ top Navy officer warns | Fox News

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