Military’s Frustration With Obama Reaches Fever Pitch 

It only took nearly seven years. Now, prominent lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle are openly acknowledging what has likely been the case for quite some time: frustration with the administration among top military officers is at a fever pitch.


By Tiffany Gabbay for Truth Revolt

Washington Times reports. 

Key lawmakers from both parties say frustration with the White House among the top military officers is at its highest level in decades, the product of President Obama’s cautious approach to the wars in Syria and Iraq and an indecisive inner circle of White House advisers who, critics say, have iced the Pentagon out of the policymaking process.

“There’s a level of dissatisfaction among the uniformed military that I’ve never seen in my time here,” said Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain in an interview. “For some of us who are a little older, let’s go back and read the Pentagon Papers — what the administration is doing is the kind of incrementalism that defined much of the Vietnam conflict.”

The Arizona Republican is known as a fierce critic of President Obama’s foreign policy, but his complaints were echoed by an unlikely source: Rep. Adam Smith, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee.

“Frustration among the uniformed service is real,” the Washington Democrat said, adding that the administration “does keep things in the White House and has not been more inclusive in the decision-making process.”

McCain maintains that, in particular, the frustration is catalyzed by Obama’s handling of ISIS and Bashar al Assad in Syria. The Pentagon believes the president has displayed a “complete lack of any kind of coherent strategy, much less a strategy that would have any success on the battlefield.”

“We’re sending 50 — count them, 50 — special operations soldiers to Syria, and they will have ‘no combat role,’ the president says,” McCain told the Times. “Well, what are they being sent there for? To be recreation officers? You’re in a combat zone, and to say they’re not in combat is absurd.”

Absurd indeed. 

The failure to break Islamic State’s hold on Syria and Iraq, and its spread into North Africa, have resulted in “very poisoned relations that now exist between many in both houses of Congress and the president,” said Mr. McCain. “There’s a total lack of confidence in the president’s leadership,” he said.

Mr. McCain said Mr. Obama’s past claims that things were improving in the region have undercut his credibility today.

“All you have to do is look at a map of the Middle East in 2009 and then compare it to a map of today,” he said.

Quite correct. Since Obama took office the …. continue reading here


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