Millennials Give The Most Idiotic Statements on Income Inequality You Will EVER HEAR [Video] 

In this astonishing video of Millennials being interviewed in the East Village of Ney York City, the subject was income equality. If you can sit through this video and watch their responses to the questions from Ami Horowitz, you make think that the question of birth control might be a more valid question for these progressive socialist liberals. I don’t know if the answers were distressing or humorous. You be the judge.

As Written By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

In a new video, Ami Horowitz hits the streets to find out what’s rattling around in the younger generation’s collective mind on the hot button millennial topics of income inequality and socialism — particularly, the socialist utopia Venezuela, which is experiencing economic collapse, prompting crisis-level food shortages and the eruption of violence on the streets.

Horowitz ended up finding what anyone paying any attention to the Democratic presidential primary last year will not be surprised to learn: the generation which adores “Democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders hates income inequality so much that they’d be glad to stand in Venezuelan-style food lines so others could have as little as them.

Horowitz begins with the general question of “how important is income equality for you?”

“It’s extremely important,” says one girl.

“Pretty important — I work for the working families,” says a guy with a beard and a bandana.

“100%. I think that it’s really important and something that has to be taken care of,” says another young lady.

“It’s really important, of course,” says one young social-minded woman, who’s almost insulted by the question. “Right, it seems like a trick question,” her friend adds.

One millennial guy in glasses waxes poetical on the issue: “Income inequality is definitely one of those issues from which everything else sort of stems off of. … Other issues will perpetuate it — when you want to talk about climate change, and that sort of thing …”

Horowitz then asks the interviewees, all of whom no doubt are “still feeling the ……


WATCH: ‘Woke’ Millennials Hilariously Say They’d Prefer Venezuela’s Food Lines Over America’s Income Inequality | Daily Wire

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