Minorities and Poor to be Hit Hardest by THIS New Tax Supported by Hillary Clinton

Only Hillary Clinton could come out in support of this. The idea is that sodas and sugary drinks somehow fuel the crime rate. What is the answer if you cannot ban them?

Tax the drinks so severely that no one can afford them. The logic escapes me. What is the connection between a Big Gulp and the commission of a crime? I am reminded of the old workers complaint: If you want management’s help real bad, you’ll get real bad help. The same thing holds true of government. They will come up with any sound bite to forward their agenda.

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Hillary Clinton backs the highest soda tax ever proposed

There’s just something about Democrats and soda, though I’m unsure how it all got started. You probably recall when Michael Bloomberg (who only had an “R” after his name at various times for reasons of political expediency) tried to outlaw certain soda sales entirely in order to save people from themselves. That effort failed in the courts, but the standard, fallback position for liberals is to simply tax things you don’t like out of reach of the consumer. Of course, you need to veil your tax scheme under the guise of doing something good for the people. That’s what we saw this week in Philadelphia when Hillary Clinton gave a hearty endorsement to Mayor Jim Kenney’s plan to institute the biggest soda tax ever seen in the nation. (RNC)

At A Campaign Event In Philadelphia, Clinton Voiced Support For Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney’s Proposed Soda Tax.

CLINTON: “We obviously have to do a whole lot more to avoid what they call the ‘school to prison pipeline’ and replace it with a ‘cradle to college pipeline’ and that really starts early, and it starts early with working with families, working with kids, building up community resources. I’m very supportive of the mayor’s proposal to tax soda to get universal preschool for kids. I mean I don’t, you know, we need universal preschool, and if that’s a way to do it, that’s how we should do it.” (Hillary Clinton, Roundtable In Philadelphia Pennsylvania


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