Missiles fired at US Navy Destroyer

Near the entrance to the Red Sea, in international waters off the coast of Yemen, Houthi rebels fired two missiles at the USS Mason, DDG-87. The two attacks took place over a 60 minute period. Both missiles impacted the water short of the guided missile destroyer due to effective electronic countermeasures. Last week a United Arab Emirates support ship was struck by a missile in these same waters. 

As Written By Lucas Tomlinson for Fox News:

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired two missiles at a U.S. Navy destroyer operating off the coast of Yemen in the Red Sea on Sunday — though neither missile hit the ship, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Though the American warship wasn’t struck, the ship was definitely targeted, a U.S. defense official told Fox News. This dramatic escalation comes a week after the U.S. Navy sent warships to the area when a United Arab Emirates flagged auxiliary ship was destroyed off the coast of Yemen by the Houthis.

“We assess the missiles were launched from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen,” Pentagon spokesman Capt Jeff Davis said. “The United States remains committed to ensuring freedom of navigation everywhere in the world, and we will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our ships and our servicemembers.”

It was not immediately clear how close the missiles came to the …..

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Houthi rebels fire 2 missiles at US Navy destroyer in Red Sea | Fox News

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