Mitch McConnell flips on Roy Moore?

It was just a few news feeds ago that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel was saying how he planned to make Judge Roy Moore’s tenure as a Senator a living hell if he was elected. Suddenly, the State of Alabam is free to send who they elect to fill their Senate seat. Imagine that! What has transpired that caused this?

As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

Why, it was just three short weeks ago, in the first flush of reaction to WaPo’s initial scandal story about Moore, that McConnell dropped this bomb on him:

Three weeks later, a duly chastened Mitch the Knife puts his dagger away:

That weird feeling you have right now is deja vu from half the GOP leadership turning on Trump last October after the “Access Hollywood” tape dropped, then slowly crawling back to him when it became clear from the polling that he hadn’t been fatally damaged by it. McConnell’s reversal is newsy, though, not just because he’s Moore’s future majority leader but because he went all-in trying to beat him in the primary runoff. He hates Moore at least as much as Moore hates him, yet here he is grudgingly backing away from the “Moore must go” calls. What happened?

Three things. Trump has since quasi-endorsed Moore by attacking his Democratic opponent and McConnell doesn’t want another feud with ….


McConnell flip-flops: On second thought, it’s up to Alabama voters to decide whether Roy Moore’s fit for office – Hot Air Hot Air

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