Mom Outraged After 7-Year-Old Comes Home From School With “Diversity’ Tattoo?

The mother of a 7-year-old is not happy with her daughter’s school after the girl was recently sent home with henna tattoos on her hands.

As Written By Rachel Bertsche for Yahoo News (Parenting):

As part of last week’s Multicultural Day at Ed White Elementary School in Seabrook, Texas, students had henna, a traditional Indian body art often used as part of celebrations, applied to their hands. But when Tammy Samour picked up her second-grader after class last week, she wasn’t happy to see the decorations. “I asked what that was, and [my daughter] said, ‘Henna.’ And I said, ‘What is henna?’” Samour told KPRC. “Somebody tattooed my daughter without my permission.”

The lesson was part of a school celebration of different cultures, including those of Spain, India, Israel, Australia, and the U.S. “Learning about culture is awesome, but I don’t want it tattooed on my daughter — it is not our culture,” Samour said. The school did ….


henna tattoo second grader

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