Money, Missiles & GITMO: US Admirals speak to Senate [VIDEO]

When Admirals speak to the Senate, they normally cover a lot of subjects. In this article it ranges around the world. The staff at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba received high praise for its selfless work. Missile defense is getting more expensive, and that is expected. The world wide issues, ISIS, Russia, China, and North Korea are also covered. How is the Navy prepared to meet these problems? Read on and see what your Navy needs and thinks.

Money, missiles & Guantanamo: Senate hears from US admirals:

Commanders of US forces in the Americas told the Senate they needed more funding to counter threats from Iran, North Korea and Russia – which they admitted were hypothetical – while praising the “humane” conduct of US troops at “thankless” Guantanamo.

Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, head of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Admiral William E. Gortney, head of US Northern Command (NORTHCOM), and Admiral Cecil E. D. Haney, head of US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), testified on Thursday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, continuing the series of hearings related to the budget demands and strategic plans of the US armed forces in 2017.

NORTHCOM’s area of responsibility covers the US, Canada, Mexico and the Arctic, and includes the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). SOUTHCOM covers Latin America south of Mexico, including the Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) detention facility in Cuba. Previously known as the Strategic Air Command, STRATCOM is in charge of nuclear weapons, missile defense, space operations and information warfare.

Thankless in Guantanamo

“We continue to conduct safe, humane, legal, and transparent care and custody of the remaining detainees” at Guantanamo Bay, Tidd told the lawmakers. “Detention operations are a demanding, sensitive, and often thankless mission. The medical and guard force deal with enormous stress and are subject to near-constant verbal and physical assaults by 11 detainees.”

“The men and women at JTF-GTMO conduct the most humane, principled detention operations anywhere in the world, often exceeding the requirements of US laws and the Geneva Convention,” he added.


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