More Mystery surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email

Another murky mystery surrounding Hillary’s private email

Was a CIA disinformation expert part of a rogue intelligence operation?

By Monica Crowley, Washington Times

The Benghazi Select Committee, chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy, has formally requested that Hillary Clinton turn over the private server she used to keep under her control all of her communications while secretary of state. That assumes that the server hasn’t been reduced to subatomic particles by now.

Thankfully, the server isn’t the only route to getting to the central reasons why Mrs. Clinton kept total control of all of her communications. Mr. Gowdy may also subpoena actual human beings to testify under oath, including two shadowy figures who may, in fact, hold a key to the story.

Last week this column asked, “Was Hillary Clinton running her own rogue intelligence operation?” It suggested that while secretary, Mrs. Clinton may have been given highly sensitive national security information by the Clintons’ longtime political hatchet man, Sidney Blumenthal. In 2013, the Romanian hacker Guccifer had allegedly breached Mr. Blumenthal’s email account, revealing what Guccifer claimed was a series of emails from Mr. Blumenthal to Mrs. Clinton’s private account concerning global hot spots.


More Mystery surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email

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