More Russian collusion with Democrats

Like it or not, New York State is the victim of Russian collusion in the environmental arena. It seems that Russia has provided financial support, in a roundabout way, of course, the environmental groups that managed to ban fracking in New York State. We are talking tens of millions of dollars here. That will buy a lot of opposition, won’t it? That means that when winter gets really cold and natural gas supplies get very low, where does the extra fuel come from? They come from Russia! See how it works? Who is colluding with whom and for what?

As Written and Reported by Mooney for The Daily Signal:

New Yorkers who are missing out on the natural gas revolution could be victims of Russian spy operations that fund popular environmental groups, current and former U.S. government officials and experts on Russia worry.

Natural gas development of the celebrated Marcellus Shale deposits has spurred jobs and other economic growth in neighboring Pennsylvania. But not in New York, which nearly 10 years ago banned the process of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, to produce natural gas.

Two environmental advocacy groups that successfully lobbied against fracking in New York each received more than $10 million in grants from a foundation in California that got financial support from a Bermuda company congressional investigators linked to the Russians, public documents show.

The environmental groups Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club Foundation millions of dollars in grants from the San Francisco-based Sea Change Foundation.

“Follow the money trail, and this [New York] ban on fracking could be viewed as an example of successful Russian espionage,” Ken Stiles, a CIA veteran of 29 years who now teaches at Virginia Tech, told The Daily Signal.

To Stiles and other knowledgeable observers, this looks like an actual case of knowing or unknowing collusion with……


The Connection Between Russia and 2 Green Groups Fighting Fracking

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