More Spin Revealed in Benghazi Report

The Benghazi report form the House Select Committee has revealed more spin about the lack of United States military response.

There were, in fact, units that were being spun up to get there in time to make a difference to some that were besieged. That the story itself had a ‘spin’ to it is now even more clear than before the report was issued. The mainstream media seem to be sleeping through this as well.

Benghazi Committee formally requests Hillarys server be turned over

As Written By Tom Fitton for NewsMax:

The official report of the House Select Committee on Benghazi has been released, with the damning conclusion that the Obama administration never attempted to deploy military assets or troops during the entire 13-hour terrorist assault on the U.S. Special Mission Compound.

The Select Committee report further confirms what Judicial Watch already uncovered through its independent investigations. Our investigation continues.

As with the Clinton email obstruction, our Benghazi FOIA lawsuit is the subject of court-ordered discovery. This report proves beyond all doubt that after four Americans died in Benghazi, the Obama administration lied.

While we appreciate the Select Committee’s efforts, Judicial Watch’s Benghazi effort has been one of the most significant non-government investigations in modern American history.

The upshot of this report is that high-ranking appointees of the Obama administration lied in the aftermath of the murders of an ambassador and three other Americans……

Full Story Here:

Benghazi Report Reveals More Spin

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