More than 300 recruits at the Marines’ boot camp get sick

The Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego produces thousands of Marines to serve the Marine Corps each year. Normally the only thing a recruit has to fear are the Drill Sargents that affect his life each and every day. Today there has been another concern.

It is hard to train when you are ill. If the illness is caused by a bacterial infection, then you can hardly do the physical things required on a daily basis. That is the issue for over 300 recruits in San Diego.

You can bet that the Corps and its staff of doctors are doing everything that they can to isolate the cause and care for the recruits. Diarrheal symptoms have been the bane of many an army. This too shall pass. No pun intended.

As Written By Carl Prine for the San Diego Union Tribune:

More than 300 recruits at the Marines’ boot camp in San Diego are suffering from diarrheal symptoms from an bacterial outbreak, officials disclosed on Tuesday.

With most of the cases linked to Shiga toxin-producing E.coli bacteria physicians are treating 302 patients out of the more than 5,500 candidates undergoing training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

“Our immediate focus is identifying, isolating and treating recruits who present symptoms,” said Brig. Gen. William Jurney, the commander of both the depot and the Corps’ Western Recruiting Region, in a written statement. “We are working to identify the cause of the sickness, making sure our affected recruits can return to training as soon as possible and continuing training for recruits not influenced.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the bacteria sickens 265,000 Americans annually, triggering 3,600 hospitalizations and 30 deaths.

Symptoms typically include painful stomach cramps, diarrhea that can become bloody, a mild fever and vomiting.While most victims recover within a week, some infections can …….


Hundreds of recruits get sick at Marine boot camp – The San Diego Union-Tribune

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