More tyranny and chaos abroad the Obama Legacy [Video]

If President Obama is looking at his foreign policy for his legacy, it will not be a pretty sight. From the act of leading from behind, to the Iran nuclear deal, nothing has worked to the benefit of the United States. Tyranny, terrorism, and chaos are the order of the day. Historical judgement will not be kind to the leadership vacuum that was created by the Obama administration. 

As Written By REUEL MARC GERECHT for the Washington Examiner:

In foreign affairs, unlike math, the ultimate determination of success or failure isn’t immediately obvious. Major foreign events — wars, revolutions, coup d’etats and treaties — can take a long time to play out.

The Korean Conflict, once nearly as unpopular as the Vietnam War, is now probably viewed by most Americans as a “good war,” and Washington’s 63-year defense of Seoul as a worthwhile investment. Thirty-seven thousand U.S. servicemen, a number that dwarfs those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, didn’t die in vain.

Historical judgments are temperamental and subject to change until sufficient good news or bad piles up — and even then things can change given the mood and character of the nation looking back.

Few Democrats really want to expend much effort touting the foreign-policy successes of Jimmy Carter; more Democrats, but still not many, want to remember how ardently they believed ….

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The Obama legacy: More tyranny and chaos abroad | Washington Examiner


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