Move Over Clock Boy, Meet Dandelion Boy

14-year-old Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed has nothing on 5-year-old Dandelion Boy Drew Johnson. Hands down, Johnson is the real victim of our politically correct culture.

clock boy

Written by Katie Kieffer for Townhall:

Clock Boy has achieved global notoriety on par with Cecil the lion whereas few Americans have heard the story of Dandelion Boy: Indiana kindergartner Drew Johnson of Cumberland Elementary School. Today I’ll utilize Dandelion Boy’s story to explain a trend in American public schools and playgrounds that threatens your child’s long-term psychological development.

Johnson is now a freshman in high school, but several years ago he was on the front lines of what is today a common technique in American grade schools to micromanage malleable minds at recess. From California to New York. From Minnesota to Texas. Children are at risk.

Dandelion Boy

One day during recess, little Drew noticed a patch of dandelions growing near the playground. He picked a few of the bright yellow flowers. Before he knew it, the principal was sentencing him to many days of lunchtime detention.

The principal informed Drew’s parents that their son violated the school’s ban against picking up anything off the ground during recess. Everything was off limits—including non-rock items like grass, ladybugs and flowers. This rule was instituted after a group of children threw rocks on the playground. The principal hinted that lazy recess monitors—who didn’t want to spend the extra few ……..


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