MSNBC Guests Have EPIC Meltdown Over DACA! [Video]

[VIDEO] It is amazing how fast one conservative comment can cause a triple liberal meltdown. MSNBC’s “AM Joy” was anything but joyful after having a conservative guest appear on the program. As the conversation heats up, you will need to listen fast to pick up all the arguing.

Some of the subjects are immigration and of course the President’s supposed remark about craphole nations. The debate about the borders and green cards is ripe with the Democrat talking points. You will also get a taste of the rudeness that is a normal tactic for a liberal that is lacking in actual facts. You will also see a lot of feelings to go with the lack of a real argument.

As Written and Reported By Justin Caruso for the Daily Caller:

MSNBC’s “AM Joy” decided to invite a conservative guest on the show Sunday, and things didn’t go too well.

Stephanie Hamill, advisor to the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, defended Trump to the panel, saying “I respect our laws and I understand we can’t allow everybody to come in,” also saying that the United States is “the most generous country in the world,” statements she could barely get out over the loud protests of the other panelists.

ashington Post writer Jennifer Rubin responded, “Okay, number one, we do not have open borders. If she’d actually talk to any real people who actually work for the Immigration and Customs Agency, she would find out that in fact we have fewer border crossings than we have. Our borders are more secure than ever…”

“Thanks to Trump,” Hamill said.

Rubin shot back, “Excuse me, it’s my turn! You be quiet while I speak! Secondly, we do not have system by which anyone can become a citizen or anyone can be here and it’s circular logic to say we are a nation of laws, therefore these …..


Rubin: People Against DACA Inhumane Beast | The Daily Caller


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