MSNBC Just Proved They Will Stop At Nothing When Criticizing Trump [Video]

[VIDEO] For the talking heads on MSNBC, the President’s address to the troops on Thanksgiving day is just another opportunity for criticizing Trump. In this video, you will have to listen to them pick apart his speech and then pontificate on all the things he said wrong. They will then tell you the things that he should have said. Once again, the president has the media in an uproar for not following the proper protocols that they want to dictate. This comes from the elite mainstream media who hold our military in mild contempt most of the time, anyway. Watch if you care to. 

As Written by Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump took time to video chat with some troops on Thanksgiving, but an MSNBC panel wasn’t satisfied with the president’s gesture of goodwill.

The panel admitted up front that it was very kind of the president to call the troops during a holiday, but they spent the rest of the time bashing everything about the call.

“One, it’s nice for the president to do that,” Robert Traynham, an MSNBC analyst, said with a sigh. “Maybe I’m reading too far into this, but it didn’t seem very authentic. It seemed to be heavily scripted.”

“I’m used to a president looking into the camera and thanking the men and women,” he continued. “Talking about them and what they’re doing about not about, to use his words, a beautiful tax cut.”

Brendan Greely, a contributor for The Economist, also started his critique with a heavy sigh, stating, “nobody wages cultural wars as effectively as Donald Trump.”

“It was amazing to watch him in his message to the troops doing it right then and there, talking about, ‘the reason we’re different is this administration is…..


MSNBC Criticizes Trump’s Call To Troops | The Daily Caller

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