MSNBC Talking Head Makes THREE ‘Misspeaks’ in One Sentence

Ali Velshi of MSNBC delivered a “verbal train wreck” when trying to identify Senator Dick Durbin during the network’s showing of “Velshi and Ruhle”. It was… well it was a sight to see…

After the clip aired showing Sen. Durbin speaking on the Senate floor about “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017,” which is a healthcare reform bill introduced by the GOP that same morning, Velshi turned to co-host Stephanie Ruhle and just… well… “Ohio Senator Dick Durbin, Deputy Leader in the House.”

So many errors in just 9 words and 18 seconds of video! I’m going to break it down for the folks at home.

  1. Senator Durbin is represents Illinois, NOT Ohio.
  2. He is the Senate Minority Whip and not the “Deputy Leader” — whatever that is.
  3. Durbin doesn’t serve in the House, considering he’s a freaking SENATOR! He was, once, a House Representative but only until 1997 which was 20 years ago.

What a train wreck! I just couldn’t get over it. And this is someone that MSNBC has trusted enough to put in front of the camera and speak to the American people. Was this intentional? Who can say… but I really hope not as it would serve no purpose.

No, I think Ali Velshi just isn’t up to par to serve us the news. I don’t watch MSNBC anyway unless I’ve had a depressing day and need a good laugh but come on, dude! That’s the best you got? If you don’t know what Senator Durbin does then don’t just guess! Is that what you were doing? Guessing?

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Maybe these were alternative facts and I’m the crazy one? And people like that attack Republicans like Kellyanne Conway for misspeaking and they ride that train for as long as they can. We need to start doing the same thing. They want to hold Republicans accountable for misspeaking? Well, getting ready for fire vs fire!

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