MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Goes After Dirty Old Man Clinton and the Democrats?

MSNBC host Chris Hayes has wandered out onto a limb and asked THE pertinent question about dirty old man Bill Clinton. Yes. You read that correctly. It was aired on MSNBC. Mr. Hayes has asked the Democrats to equate their support for Old Bill and all his alliances with their condemnation of a host of sexual predators now being exposed. The Tsk-Tsk-Tsk from their lips over Harvey Weinstein does not match with the support they have given to Bill and his behaviors in the past. Here is why it matters.

As Written By John Sexton for Hot Air:

You have to give credit where it’s due. In this case, that means giving MSNBC host Chris Hayes credit for saying something that a) very few Democrats are every willing to say and b) really is long overdue: What about Bill Clinton? In a series of tweets today, Hayes pointed out that there is an outstanding (and credible) allegation of rape against Bill Clinton:

With politicians saying they’d vote for Roy Moore even if he made moves on a 14-year-old, I’m willing to grant that some of the “What about Bill Clinton?” cries coming from the right may be cynical and hypocritical. But it’s not fair to tar everyone who raises Clinton’s name in these conversations as doing so from a cynical motive.

In fact, you could just as easily turn this around and say it’s actually the left, or that portion of the left that ran interference for Clinton and is still doing so, that is “gross and cynical and hypocritical.” What’s rare on the left is what Hayes is doing here, introducing Clinton’s name into this national discussion and admitting it ought to be reckoned with instead of downplaying and pretending it’s old news.

There are a lot of us who lived through the Clinton era, myself …….


Chris Hayes: Bill Clinton and his supporters are overdue for a reckoning – Hot Air Hot Air



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