MSNBC’s Maddow Gets The Blame In Drunk Woman’s Death Threats Against EPA Chief?!

MSNBC’s Maddow was blamed by a drunken viewer for making violent threats against the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. It appears that a combination of too much Rachel Maddow, too much beer, and easy access to social media leads to death threats.

This incident happened back in Aril 2017, but it did do take long for an EPA agent to pick up on the threat. Rapidly, the FBI was brought into the picture and visits were made to a woman in Arkansas. Don’t you know that she was surprised? Even more surprising is how many threats have been received. That is why agents have become very pro-active. Lonely? Make a threat.

As Written and Reported By Chris White for the Daily Caller:

Federal agents opened an investigation into a woman who claimed the ramblings of a liberal talk show host and a belly full of beer prompted her to threaten EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on social media.

An Arkansas resident wrote “a threatening post” on Twitter last April against Pruitt, according to a report Friday from E&E News. EPA and FBI agents in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas began a probe shortly after the comments went public.

“[Redacted] stated [redacted] was drinking while watching the Rachel Maddow show and posted the tweets as a flippant comment, not realizing at the time that they could be considered a threat,” said the report, which was based on an interview with the person who wrote the tweet.

The Twitter threats were posted April 8, 2017. An EPA IG special agent in Washington spotted them online shortly thereafter. Another agent in Dallas began coordinating an investigation with an FBI agent in Little Rock, Ark., the bureau’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Tulsa, and the Oklahoma city’s police department. The person behind the tweets was interviewed April 12.

EPA’s watchdog opened 70 threat investigations last year, including cases….


Maddow’s Show To Blame For Pruitt Threat | The Daily Caller

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