Mueller Reports New Details Of Trump Associates Russia Connection

The Russia and Trump campaign collusion story seems to run on and on.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller is pushing his tentacles far and wide in order to find anything linking President Trump to that narrative. He seems to be turning up a few business connections between Trump aides and Russian businessmen, but nothing that could be used as a smoking gun against the President. There are a few aides, like Paul Manafort, for instance, who seemed to be one of the Washington Swamp types, and was not averse to using his connections to better his own businesses. That would be in the Clinton mold pretty much. 

As Written By Chuck Ross for The Daily Caller:

Two reports came out Monday providing new details about Trump associates’ contacts with businessmen reportedly linked to the Russian government.

The Atlantic reported more details about a series of emails that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort exchanged with a Ukrainian business partner last year, just after he joined the Trump team.

The emails, which have been turned over by the Trump campaign to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, appear to show Manafort trying use his position on the Trump campaign to curry favor with a Russian oligarch with whom he had a business dispute.

And The Washington Post reported on emails that Michael Cohen, an attorney for Trump’s real estate company, Trump Organization, exchanged with a Russia-born real estate developer who claimed to have direct access to senior Russian government leaders.

Those documents, which have also been turned over to Mueller, reportedly show that Cohen was invited to meet top Russian officials at an economic forum in St. Petersburg last June, an offer that he ultimately declined.

Mueller, a former FBI director, has been provided the documents as part of his sprawling investigation into Russian interference in the presidential campaign. While the…….


Details Of Trump Associates’ Russia Cont | The Daily Caller

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