Mueller Should Be Worried

Special Counsel may have some things to consider as he moves forward on his “independent” investigation. So far his investigation has had to run far afield an into the past to get at a crime. That crime seems to have little to do with what he was commissioned to do. That will not sit well with his reputation. Right now he has all the appearance of a Witch Hunt. He may next have to stray afield into Obama and Clinton backgrounds to save his reputation. Just look at what he can investigate there: …

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Special counsels, with their unlimited budgets and access to grand juries, can be fearsomely arbitrary.  But in the case of Robert Mueller and his staff of Democrat donors, there is competition that threatens to show up any bias toward hunting only Republicans.  Given the fact that this is primarily a political, not a legal tussle, Mueller should be worried about his reputation.

William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal explains:

Like the special prosecutor, Mr. Nunes and his committee have been investigating the 2016 presidential campaign. Unlike the special prosecutor, Mr. Nunes has unearthed hard evidence about both Russian influence on the election and domestic spying on Trump campaign officials. And if the committee gets the documents it has been demanding for months about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s handling of the salacious Christopher Steele dossier, this week may end even more explosively than it’s begun.

Despite the MSM hype, Mueller’s first indictments have nothing to do with Russia or the election, which does seem to indicate desperation to find a crime – any crime – among the Trump staffers.  This is the definition of a witch hunt.  An indictment of Tony Podesta might help alleviate the partisan nature of the witch hunt, but it still strays from the……..

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