Muslim Brotherhood Will Emerge a Loser After This

As Written By Joe Herring.

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi left Cairo for Washington on Saturday where both sides will seek a renewed relationship after tensions over Sisi’s crackdown on opponents.

What should we expect from a meeting between Trump and al Sisi? One thing is for certain – the Muslim Brotherhood will emerge as the big loser.

The soured relationship between the United States and Egypt was a product of the previous administration’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood and their would-be dictator, Mohammed Morsi, the man deposed by the military before the election of al Sisi the following year.

While the international media has sought to characterize the removal of Morsi as a “coup,” the truth remains stubbornly evident; Morsi was removed from office after violating the Egyptian constitution by attempting to install himself as President for life.  

Far from being a coup, the removal of Morsi stands as a shining example of democratic triumph in a nation unused to such victories. 

In a similar vein, many have painted al Sisi as a brutal oppressor of political opposition.  Again, as in the previous example, al Sisi’s actions are in defense of his nation’s government, not in furtherance of his own ambitions.

The subjects of al Sisi’s “crackdowns” are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a long-standing enemy of secular rule in Egypt, and the same people who supported Morsi’s attempt to hijack the Egyptian government permanently.

To describe al Sisi’s pursuit and arrest of Muslim Brotherhood members dedicated to overthrowing democratic rule in Egypt as “autocratic,” or “oppressive” is disingenuous.  

The Obama administration supported Morsi and behaved badly when Morsi was removed from office under the order of the Egyptian Supreme court. 

Despite the process being entirely legal and appropriate under Egyptian law, the Obama administration declared al Sisi to be illegitimate and refused to recognize his government.

Contracts for military equipment promised to Egypt under Morsi were summarily canceled, leaving al Sisi to fend for himself in an increasingly hostile environment.

Egypt represents a linchpin in the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to reestablish a Pan-Arabic Caliphate in the Middle East. While the Obama administration trumpeted the “Arab Spring” as an organic uprising of oppressed peoples struggling for self-rule, the reality is the opposite.

The Arab Spring, rather than replacing brutal secular dictators with free democratic rule, instead installed brutal Islamist dictators, approved by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Morsi was one.

The loss of Egypt was a stunning blow against the Brotherhood’s strategic plan, compounded by the failure of Obama to remove Syria’s Assad.

The dream of a Pan-Arabic Muslim Caliphate is now full of holes, these being Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.  The meeting between President Trump and President al Sisi will go a long way toward ensuring the permanency of these gaps in the Brotherhood’s Sharia-driven scheme.


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