My First 100 Days of Trump

So far you have been subjected to a bunch of articles about the first 100 days of the Donald Trump Presidency. You have seen list of the good things he got done and you have seen lists of the bad things that happened to his agenda. You were also privy to the Democrats first 100 days of Trump’s days in office. The media has also celebrated and/or bemoaned their first 100 days under President Trump.

If their first 100 days were all that important, then my first 100 days are just as important as are yours. As a disclaimer, I am a retired serviceman and a staunch Constitutionalist. You can leave at this point if you desire.

My first takeaway for the first 100 days is that I do not have Hillary Rodham Clinton as my President. You will note that I used the word”not” in that statement. My education and training was such that I have always respected the office, even if I did not like who held it. It is too bad that the alt-left resistance movement has no such compunction. 

The fact that President Trump was able to nominate and successfully get Judge Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court was a critical moment. If we had had another liberal Justice on the court, I believe it would have done great damage to the Republic. Put that down as having dodged a bullet. 

It was fun to watch Senator Chuck Schumer lead the Democrats in the Senate down the road to defeat on the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. He pulled the nuclear option to his chest and pulled the trigger himself. His only tactic in the Senate has to delay the inevitable each day. 

The first 100 days of the resistance movements has been appalling. They have resorted to violence on a continuing basis. They are behaving as fascists while shutting down any speech that does not agree with them. They have no credibility and are dragging the Democrat Party down with them.

The free press, our mainstream media, has outdone itself in its demonetization of President Donald Trump. The negative coverage of CBS, for instance, was measured at 90%. As the president has labeled them, they are now the purveyors of fake and false news. Journalism in the mainstream media is officially dead.

For me they first 100 days have been totally entertaining. I have watched all the alt-left opposition to President Trump run around screaming that the sky is falling. I also love to point out that Donald Trump IS their President, and that’s a fact, Jack! Then I love to follow it up with the statement that Hillary Clinton is NOT my President. They don’t smile very much, but it makes me smile when I say that. I give Mr. Trump a 100% for his first 100 days as my President and look forward to eight full years of entertainment. Thank you, Sir.

Image by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America
Image by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

The Chief.

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