Nation’s Top Spy Chief’s Say World Pretty Much Going To Hell [VIDEO]

If you didn’t want a gloomy day, you would have been wise to stay away from the Senate hearings on Tuesday. The spy chiefs did not paint us a very rosy picture. The Islamic State, San Bernardino, and something called the ”Internet of Things” were among the items discussed. Along with all that, there were a few interpersonal fireworks that got displayed. Read more in this article.

As Written By Elias Groll for Foreign Policy:

U.S. Spy Chiefs Think the World Is Pretty Much Going to Hell

America’s top intelligence official, James Clapper, opened his testimony before Tuesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee’s worldwide threats hearing with what he called a “litany of doom”: nation-states crumbling, resource scarcity driving armed conflict, and the migrant crisis in Europe continuing. Oh, and Afghanistan is at serious risk of a political breakdown.

Indeed, Clapper and his fellow witnesses – the heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Defense Intelligence Agency – had scant good news to offer. From the latest on the San Bernardino terror attack to how your fridge will one day spy on you, these are the most interesting moments from a grim and at-times tense hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

The Islamic State is going big in Libya

Outside of Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State’s “most developed” branch resides in Libya, Clapper said Tuesday. With fighters finding it increasingly difficult to travel to Syria, many are opting for Libya instead.

Since the 2011 intervention in ….. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE HERE

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