Navy Unable to Evacuate 71 T-45 Trainers From Hurricane Path?

When you have 99 United States Navy trainer aircraft, the T-45, assigned to Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas, you are expected to care for all of them. How is it then that only 28 aircraft flew away from the dangers of hurricane Harvey, while the remaining 71 are left to shelter in place. How much protection well the hangers be able to provide will depend on how strong Harvey is when it arrives there. It is reported that some aircraft were left behind for lack of pilots, while many were not considered flyable. Even with the oxygen mask issues, they could be flown out below 10,000 feet. Is this poor planning or just incompetence? This is another embarrassment for the Navy to face. 

As Written By Anna Giaritelli for the Washington Examiner:

Nearly three-quarters of the Navy’s T-45 trainer jets were unable to be evacuated from the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas, ahead of Hurricane Harvey’s landing Friday evening.

NAS Kingsville, located 30 miles inland, attempted on Thursday to transfer all flight-worthy jets to Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Forth Worth to avoid their being caught in the Category 3 hurricane’s path.

Approximately half of the Navy’s 197 T-45 primary jet trainers are housed at Kingsville. Only 28 of the 99 jets there were deemed airworthy or had a pilot to fly them to Fort Worth, according to the Military Times.

The remaining 71 aircraft were moved into hangars at Kingsville, where they will be up against the expected 90 mph winds and 3 feet of ………


Navy’s Kingsville base unable to evacuate most T-45 jets before Hurricane Harvey hits

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