NBC Conspicuously Ignored This High Profile Perpetrator In Their Sexual Harassment Story

[VIDEO] It would be hard to accuse NBC coverage of being fair and balanced after they omitted Bill Clinton from this news piece. In a report on sexual harassment, there were some examples of others beside Harvey Weinstein that were shown in the short video. The usual conservative suspects were rounded up and on display. Old Bill was noticeably missing.

As Written By Brad Wilmouth for Newsbusters:

On Sunday’s NBC Nightly News, on display was the latest example of liberal journalists conspicuously ignoring accusations of sexual assault against President Bill Clinton even while going all the way back 26 years to include sexual harassment charges against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

NBC correspondent and MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle filed a three-minute full report about the issue of sexual harassment of women in the workplace in light of recent accusations against film maker Harvey Weinstein and other high-profile perpetrators.

After beginning the report by focusing on women like waitresses who work with the public, Ruhle turned to men in the public arena as images of Weinstein and former FNC host Bill O’Reilly were shown: “Another high-risk area, a workplace where a so-called superstar is at the helm. Recent allegations from Hollywood and media to the halls of power in Washington.”

After playing a clip of President Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape from 2005, Ruhle continued:

The attitude expressed by President Trump to Billy Bush in that famous 2005 Access Hollywood incident raised the issue of pubic figures abusing their power. One in four women say they’ve experienced sexual harassment at work — in all industries and occupations. That number jumps to 60 percent if you include sexist or crude language.

After citing polls on what percentage of women report sexual harassment in the workplace, the report then jumped back in time 26 years and included soundbites from the Thomas Senate hearings from……..


NBC Omits Clinton, Includes Clarence Thomas in Sex Harassment Story

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