NBC Discovers The Dem Party is a champion of labor rights, except where its own laborers are concerned

In a big surprise, NBC reveals that Democrats will not allow their campaign workers to be unionized. Are not the Democrats the party of unions and do they not get mega bucks from the union bosses? So just what does this story tell us about the Democrats and the unions? One takeaway is that the Dems do not practice what they preach. What they impose upon business, they do not want for themselves. The second takeaway is that there are some inherent problems with union workers that will not fly in this environment. 

As Written and Reported By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

“A boss is a boss.”

Democrats love to sing, “Look for the union label” … when it comes to taking Big Labor cash. When it comes to allowing unions to organize campaign workers and party organizations, NBC reports, Democrats sing an entirely different tune. Instead of living the union life, candidates and party leaders start looking more like the fat-cat bosses that they decry:

“The Democratic Party is a champion of labor rights, except where its own laborers are concerned,” reads the sign-on letter for the Campaign Workers Guild. “We sacrifice our health, financial security, and leisure time to support candidates and movements that we hope will make our society more prosperous, equitable, and inclusive. It’s time for our employers to live up to the values they publicly espouse.”

Democrats mainly disagree with this demand. NBC notes that only a handful of campaigns out the hundreds in each cycle have been unionized. When campaign workers begin organizing for something other than the candidate, they find themselves pushed out the door:

When workers on one self-proclaimed progressive’s congressional campaign decided to unionize, they ran into “classic union busting” tactics, according a former staffer, who asked that he and…..


NBC wonders: Why won’t Democrats let their campaign workers unionize?


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