Net Neutrality Is Rearing Its Ugly Head Again

Once President Trump got to appoint a nominee to the Federal Communications Commission, it was the death knell for the Obama-era net neutrality rules. As is typical of the liberal progressive Democrats, they want to legislate “fairness” and exert their control over all processes. That has been brought to a stop, but the findings and new rules are about to come out. This will start the discussion all over again and you can expect the usual alt-left chest-beating to begin. In Three … Two … One …


The telecom industry won a big victory in May when the FCC launched a repeal of its Obama-era net neutrality rules, over the objections of Democrats and tech giants like Google and Netflix.

Now both sides are about to find out how sweeping the reversal might be.

The FCC, under Trump-appointed Chairman Ajit Pai, is readying a final order that will spell out how thoroughly it intends to roll back the 2015 net neutrality order, which requires internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast to treat all web traffic equally. The release could come as early as next week, teeing up a possible commission vote in December.

So far, Pai has said he wants to scrap the legal foundation that the FCC’s old Democratic majority adopted to tighten federal oversight of ISPs, a move he contends has deterred the industry from investing in broadband networks. But he could also opt to eliminate the FCC’s core net neutrality rules altogether — which would in theory allow ISPs to block or throttle some types of web traffic, or charge websites for “fast lanes” to consumers.

Some FCC watchers believe the commission is likely to go that route, wiping the slate clean and relying on another agency, the FTC, to police whether internet ……..


Net neutrality fight is about to flare again – POLITICO

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