Net Neutrality: The gullible and ignorant have no idea what they’ve just unleashed

Listening to Rush Limbaugh today he brought up these important facts about what is coming with these new regulations.

  1. In order to have a website, you will be required to have a license
  2. FCC Will monitor content and comments made on your website
  3. Net Neutrality is about making sure the liberals don’t lose the battle in content on the internet to conservatives.
  4. You WILL have limited access to websites that you were normally able to access routinely.
  5. FCC will control how much traffic goes to any certain site, if one site is getting too much attention, you will lose the ability to see it.


So the FCC and the FEC will now start regulating the Internet.  And just as there have been with Obamacare, there will be waivers, exemptions for certain people from the regulations that are put in place to regulate the Internet.  And just as the Obama waivers for Obamacare were designed to shield the absolute disaster that was awaiting everybody upon full implementation, waivers were granted so that Obama would not be punished prior to elections, waivers were granted to donors, waivers were granted to individuals and businesses friendly to Obama.

The same thing is gonna happen with the Internet and how it’s regulated.  Right now the Internet has very little regulation at all.  I’m stunned with the ease in which Obama has had in getting so many young people to sign on eagerly to the idea of regulating the Internet.  As long as — this is the way it’s always worked and it just amazes me that it keeps working — as long as the regulation of the Internet is designed to punish the rich, then you get people to support it.  “If the regulation and licensing of the Internet is designed to really sock it to the cable companies and the cellular companies and the Internet service providers, if that’s what you’re gonna do, I’m all for it because I hate my cable company, I hate my cell company, I hate my provider, and as much as you can punish them, I’m all for it.”

They look at government as being able to wield the power they wish they could wield.  Hillary Clinton has been wanting to control the Internet since 1993.  Net neutrality is as honest a name as is the Affordable Care Act, or as was the Fairness Doctrine.  It’s just the latest left-wing power grab.

You know how they want to get rid of Fox News?  You know how they’d love to get rid of talk radio?  Well, they’re gonna be able to get rid of people and things they don’t like on the Internet.  That’s why they want regulatory control over it, and, by the way, the mechanism that they want to use to control the Internet falls under the aegis of Title II.  Title II dates back to the 1930s.  That’s how old it is.

Let me take a brief time-out.  I got a couple sound bites on this.  Michael Powell, who I think is the son of Colonel Colin Powell — general.  Sorry.  General Powell.  He was a former commissioner of the FCC.


Obama Exploits the Ignorance of Young People to Seize Control of the Internet – The Rush Limbaugh Show.

“Do you want somebody like Obama and his Regime in charge of that?  The Internet is the essence, in terms of the comparison to things elsewhere in America, the essence of independence, liberty, and freedom right now. 

Now, to some of you who might be sensitive to the argument, “Well, what you know, Rush, those Internet providers, they do charge too much.” Folks, nobody’s gonna sit here and make the claim — how best to describe this?  The people who are the best customers of these providers are gonna get the best service.  It’s just the way it is.  It’s that way in health care.  You can set up national health care like the Brits did.  The rich people don’t use it.  They’ve got their own network of hospitals and doctors that have opted out, and it’s gonna be like that here.” ~ Rush Limbaugh


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