Netanyahu Echoes Trump on Arab Population Following Tel Aviv Attacks

Remember, Trump urged Americans to better understand the ideology of radical Islam before allowing Muslims into the country.​​

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemingly echoed some of the sentiments of Donald Trump when the Israeli leader questioned the loyalty of segments of the Israeli-Arab population.

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As Written By Aaron Klein for Breitbart:

Amid an outcry from his opponents, Netanyahu defended his remarks during a Sunday cabinet meeting, saying he was “not impressed by criticism in this regard.”

“This is true for all Israeli citizens – Jews and Arabs alike,” Netanyahu said of his call, repeated on Sunday, to ensure that “Israel is a state under unified law,”

Speaking Saturday at the scene of a shooting attack in Tel Aviv one day before, Netanyahu vowed to “dramatically increase” police presence in Arab towns, while calling for an end to anti-Israel incitement in Israeli-Arab mosques and for all Israeli-Arabs to remain loyal to the State of Israel.

“We will dramatically increase law enforcement services in the Arab sector,” Netanyahu said of Israeli-Arab neighborhoods. “We will open new police stations, recruit more police officers, go into all the towns and demand of everyone loyalty to the laws of the state.”

After expressing satisfaction with ……


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