Never-Trumper Bill Kristol eats his words … again

Bill Kristol is a high profile Never-Trumper and it is sort of fun to watch him eat his words, again. This time Mr. Kristol was wrong in his predictions about the GOP getting to a Tax Reform Bill, let alone pass it. As you will read in this short article, Bill has not been right about very much in his political prognostications. Do they keep him around for comedic effect? You could, however, say that he was consistent with being wrong. Enjoy the read.

As Written and Reported By Kerry Pickett:

Chalk up another failed prediction by The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol.

When asked by The Daily Caller about his August tax reform package prediction, he responded Saturday night in an email, “I was wrong.”

The neoconservative movement’s most well-known “never Trumper” tweeted back on August 29, after Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, that a tax reform package would not get a vote in Congress this year. He added it would surprise him if the legislation ever made it out of either chambers’ respective committees.

Kristol, however, criticized the tax reform package Republicans in Congress passed and President Trump signed, slamming the $1,000 bonuses companies offered to their employees as a result of the tax package’s  provisions for corporations. Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham promptly took a swipe at Kristol over his tweet …….


Bill Kristol: My Prediction ‘Was Wrong&# | The Daily Caller

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