Never-Trumper Gets ‘Owned’ On MSNBC [Video]

Bill Kristol is the Editor-at-Large of “The Weekly Standard”  and a very outspoken Never-Trumper. Bill is a died in the wool member of the Resistance against Trump. That should have given him some Veritas when he appeared on MSNBC. Unfortunately for Mr. Kristol, other members of the panel have read where he stands on various issues. 

The issue in this case is the protestors that have taken to the streets in Iran. Bill Kristol is all for the Iranians gaining freedom from the mullahs over there. However, another guest on the show remembers Mr. Kristols wanting to bomb Iran and wants Kristol to reconcile those two opposing views. 

As Written and Reported By Nick Givas for the Daily Caller:

Editor-at-Large of “The Weekly Standard” Bill Kristol got smacked down for being a hypocrite on Iran during MSNBC’s “Velshi and Ruhle” Tuesday, and was told he wasn’t respecting the Iranian people.

“I think the root cause of this is that the Iranian people don’t have freedom and they would like freedom,” Kristol said. “Let’s be more respectful of the Iranian people’s desire for freedom.”

Founder and current president of the National Iranian American Council, Trita Parsi, immediately jumped in and called Kristol out for his past record of wanting to bomb Iran.

“With all due respect Bill, you’ve been arguing to bomb Iran for so long so I don’t know if you’re really respecting the Iranian people. You’ve been advocating killing Iranians,” Parsi said. “I don’t think you or the Trump administration have the credibility to now say that you care for the Iranian people.”

Kristol tried to defend himself and said it wasn’t about him, but the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. He then asked if Parsi stood with…..


Bill Kristol Owned For Iran Flip Flop | The Daily Caller

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