New Docs Show it took Obama SIX HOURS to Respond to Benghazi Attack!

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has revealed that Obama was not in the State Department Benghazi communications loop for the first 6 hours. Where was he? For that matter, where was Hillary Clinton? Could she not intervene and and get the Commander in Chief? Earlier permission to use Libyan air space could have got our military there in time. Who is going to answer these questions?

As Written By Patrick Howley for Breitbart: 

President Obama did not personally respond to Benghazi on the night of the attack until more than six hours after the White House convened an emergency conference call, according to little-noticed State Department records reviewed by Breitbart News.

Obama’s six-hour absence, during which the United States military did not have presidential orders to enter Libyan airspace to potentially save Americans, was apparently not interrupted by Hillary Clinton.

A State Department Operations Center Watch Log noted that the White House convened a “NOIWON” at 1621 Military Time, or 4:21 PM Eastern Time, on September 11, 2012 to respond to the developing “attack” on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“1621 The White House Situation Room convened a NOIWON, on behalf of the Watch, in which INR also participated, to report on an attack on the Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi,” according to the records.

“NOIWON” stands for “National Operational Intelligence Watch Officer’s Network.” A article on the 9/11 attacks defines NOIWON: ….

Full story Here:

It Took Obama Six Hours to Respond to Benghazi and Hillary Didn’t Find Him – Breitbart

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