New FBI Files Revealed: How Clinton’s Franken-Server Was Created

The FBI has released more files on the Hillary Clinton server. The story gets yet even more bizarre. Can you believe it was made out of spare and used parts and transported by van to the Clinton residence? No one knows how Hillary’s email address was created on the server that was to be for Bill’s use? Right. Just. Stinks. Read the story below.

As Written By Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne & seen first on Fox News:

If Hillary Clinton’s ‘homebrew’ server ever got the Mary Shelley treatment, IT specialist Bryan Pagliano would make a fine Dr. Frankenstein – FBI documents reveal new details about how he painstakingly created the machine over a series of months while working in a room along Washington’s storied K Street.

According to files released last Friday evening, Pagliano worked to design and build the now-infamous server inside a room once used as part of Clinton’s campaign headquarters. On the street known as Washington’s power corridor, Pagliano even used computer remnants from Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential bid, where he had worked as an IT specialist.

The story of how the server came into existence became clearer thanks to witness interviews known as 302s. Though they were highly redacted, the bureau files include new details Pagliano revealed in a June 24 interview with the FBI.

In that interview, Pagliano said it was longtime Clinton Foundation aide Justin Cooper who asked him to build the server “in the fall of 2008” and that Pagliano completed the work in early 2009. (Pages 155, 163)

After the server’s completion in the makeshift lab on K Street, Pagliano stated ….

Full Story Here:

It’s Alive: FBI files reveal how Clinton server was created in K Street lab | Fox News

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