New Legislation to Block Obama Admin’s Ransom Payments to Iran

Under Senator Marco Rubio’s leadership, bills have been introduce into Congress to prohibit ransom payments to Iran. It has become apparent that the Obama administration has engaged in financial deals to promote the cooperation of Iran in the nuclear deal. Obama will gladly pay any amount of your tax dollars to cement what he sees as a great legacy. Who believes this?

As Written By Adam Kredo for the Free Beacon:

New legislation would stop payment, force Iran to pay U.S. terror victims.

Congress is set to consider new legislation that would block the Obama administration from awarding Iran billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in what many describe as a ransom payment, according to a copy of the legislation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) will introduce on Tuesday new legislation that would prohibit the Obama administration from moving forward with all payments to Iran, according to the bill, which would also force Iran to return billions of dollars in U.S. funds that have already been delivered to Tehran by the White House.

Rubio’s bill—a version of which is also being introduced in the House by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.)—would mandate that Iran pay American victims of terrorism some $53 billion in reparationsfor past attacks planned and coordinated by the Islamic Republic.

Marco_Rubio_(16491577129)The legislation comes amid a growing scandal surrounding the Obama administration’s decision to pay Iran $1.7 billion earlier this year as part of an effort to free imprisoned U.S. hostages. The payment, details of which were kept secret from Congress and the American people, is expected to become the focus of several congressional investigations in the coming weeks.

“President Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran was sweetened with an illicit ransom payment and billions of dollars for the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” Rubio said in a statement provided to the Free Beacon. “The U.S. government should not be in the business of negotiating with terrorists and paying ransom money in exchange for the release of American hostages. Doing ….

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Congress Moves to Block Obama Admin’s ‘Ransom Payments’ to Iran

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