New Report: FBI to be held in Contempt of Congress

The continued stonewalling of the House Intelligence Committee by the FBI may have just earned them a Contempt of Congress citation. It does not bode well for the FBI that information that the House Committee had been seeking was revealed in an article leaked to the Washington Examiner.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok had been fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team several months ago. Mueller has yet to tell Congress why that happened. It seems that Agent Strzok is not a fan of President Donald Trump and was not shy about telling his girlfriend. He is married, by the way. Strzok was also closely involved in the Clinton email investigation. This looks ugly.

As Written By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

The House intelligence committee will begin writing a resolution Tuesday to cite top FBI and Justice Department officials in contempt of Congress after they missed a Monday deadline to turn over documents the committee subpoenaed in late August, according to the Washington Examiner.

The tipping point came after information the committee had been seeking for months was leaked to the New York Times and the Washington Post during the weekend.

Those stories revealed that top FBI agent Peter Strzok was removed from the special counsel’s Russia probe after he exchanged critical text messages about President Trump with another FBI agent with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

The committee asked months ago why the FBI removed Strzok but were never told the reason.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), who removed himself from leading the committee’s own Russia probe but not from the investigation, accused the FBI and the Justice Department of stonewalling and obstructing the committee’s oversight work.

The FBI and the DOJ have also been stonewalling the committee on…..


Report: House Intelligence Committee to Begin Writing Contempt Resolution for FBI, DOJ Officials

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