New WikiLeaks Dump Drops Thousands Of ‘Verified’ Emails From Macron Campaign

The folks behind WikiLeaks is at it again, this time releasing more than 20,000 emails related to French President Emmanuel Macron and his campaign.

The release comes nearly three months after his campaign was hacked just before the election happened. WikiLeaks has released more than 71,000 emails of which over 21,000 have been verified through various techniques such as “domain keys”.

Macron’s camp issued a state back in May stating that “a major hack had put thousands of emails and internal communications at risk” and now, it seems, we’re finally getting a glimpse into some of that.

“The attack was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone,” Guillaume Poupard, the head of France’s cyber security agency Anssi, told the Associated Press June 1.

Numerous reports originally claimed that the hacker group known as APT28, from Russia, was behind the attack.

As written for by Mikey Smith:

WikiLeaks claims to have published more than 20,000 verified emails allegedly hacked from French President Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team.

The emails were originally published two days before France’s presidential run-off in May.

It was a cause of concern to French election authorities, especially following the email dump which caused huge damage to Hilary Clinton’s campaign in the 2016 US election.

But the French release had little if any impact, and Macron comfortably defeated right-wing rival Marine Le Pen.

The messages have since been picked over by the French press, although WikiLeaks’ move may draw new attention to them.

The head of France’s cyber security agency ANSSI said in June there was no evidence tying the hacking of the Macron campaign emails to any particular actor, saying “it could be anyone”.

WikiLeaks publishes 20,000 ‘verified’ emails allegedly hacked from Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team

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