New York Times Rewrites History

The New York Times has a unique view of the Arab-Israeli War of 1967. In the viewpoint of  their Jerusalem bureau chief, the 1967 war was “accidental.” How that many nations accidentally got into a war with each is not clearly explained. The fact that the nation of Egypt had backed Israel into a corner is not explained until deep into the article. The conclusions that are reached seemed far-fetched as to what that victory did to Israel. I cannot buy his premise, can you?

As Written By Jack Crowe for the Daily Caller:

The New York Times published an article Monday which referred to the 1967 Arab-Israeli War as “accidental.” Exactly how a large scale military conflict involving multiple nations can occur accidentally remains unclear.

In the third paragraph of the piece, the author, TheNYTimes Jerusalem Bureau Chief Ian Fisher, says “the accidental war and stunning victory also made the Israelis occupiers.”

Fisher’s interpretation of the events of 1967 are at best incomplete, as he fails to provide his readers with even a brief summary of the events leading up to the 1967 war until the sixteenth paragraph of the piece.

Fisher likely neglected to provide information about the context surrounding the outbreak of the conflict early in his piece because in doing so he would have contradicted his characterization of the war as an accident.

The extremely important context for the outbreak of the war, which Fisher……


NY Times Calls The 1967 War ‘Accidental’ | The Daily Caller

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